Countdown in KC.

Howdy y’all! So much for becoming a better blogger.. My apologies.

Some of you showed some worries about my safety here yesterday, due to tornado warnings (those of you who weren’t, no offence taken. At all. NONE. <3.) But I am happy to let you know that no tornado ruined Kansas City, only a little wind and rain. Because over here, this is how we handle nature’s forces.

Besides averting tornados, I am busy with schoolwork these days. Only three more weeks, and this semester is over. So final exams are coming up, papers need to be handed in, and so on. Today I’m spending my day (and the next 4 days) writing a term paper on premarital sex, sin or not. Tough one, yes. I’ve known that I needed to write this paper all semester, but well. I’ve cut it down to do so in five days instead, just to challenge myself.

Besides schoolwork, I also go to the gym, and do other stuff people do. I spend some time planning the last weeks in the US. I’ll have three more weeks in KC in May, and then three weeks in NYC in June before going back to Bergen. I need to find places to stay in NYC, and figure out how to not let my luggage be overweight. I might go to Chicago before going to NYC, as it is not too far from KC- and pretty awesome, people say.

Not too crazy exciting news to share, my friends, sorry ’bout that. But I am safe and sound, and isn’t that the most important thing? That’s right.

Love you all, TTYS.



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