Gettin’ rich in KC.

Yesterday I finally made my casino visit, the one I needed for my gambling addiction class. As disappointed as I have been with that class, I realize I do have learned some things afterall. Like, that my visit yesterday may very well have resulted in myself becoming addicted to gambling- IF I did not know what I know about becoming just that. So here’s why I was entering the danger zone.

1) I have never been to a casino before, and the blinking lights and sounds and smiling cashiers and all of that- LOVED it. That is the first sign of DANGER. A healthy person does not care too much about all of that. As my teacher says: “If you love it, you’re in deep shit.”

2) After observing for class, I decided to try myself. I had a $20 limit, and was determined to stick to it. Sat down at a slot machine, put in the $20, press play. WINWINWIN, more blinking lights and sounds! $150! On my very first hit! Now THAT is how addicts are made! But I was strong, hearing my teachers voice in my head: Take the money and LEAVE. It was tempting to keep on going, but take it and leave is what I did (after spending the rest of the $20 that I was allowed to. Did not win any more, though).

Then I had a disturbing conversation with the waitress at the buffet. She was a grown, German woman. It went like this:

Waitress: This credit card looks weird, where are you   from?

Me: Norway.

(Her German accent was undetectable, so I did not realize she was German before she told me. She must have been here a while. I did NOT give her the “Oh, I am German, too!”- speech. I just wanted to eat.)

Waitress: Oh, I see.. So will you go back? why are you here?

Me: I’m just a visiting stude..

Waitress: GO BACK.

Me: Ehh, hum?..

Waitress: Go back. It’s no good here..

Then she just left. That was very Shutter Island-ish. WTF.

I did finish my cake-testing-procedure, though. Prepaid buffet. Very Marie Antoinette.

Now back to reading for my last exams. I have 6 more exams, starting tomorrow. As I realized my standing is pretty decent in all of my classes, my aim is now straight A’s (that’s pretty hot). It should be doable, just have to hang in there for these last days.

Then I’m DONE on May 3rd! BAM!

So back to reading now. TTYL, love y’all! <3


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ rich in KC.

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  2. Altfor få Marie Antoinette-referanser i dagens samfunn. Fornøyelig!:o)

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