School’s out in KC.

Aaaaand DONE! Last final today, no more being a UMKC student. My finals have all gone pretty well, I think- will let you know my grades when I have them all in a few days.

My textbooks are sold (the bookstore buys them back here, which is awesome. UiB should start doing that!), my desk cleared. BAM, this semester went fast!!

So what to do now? I have been asked that some times now. “What are you gonna do in Kansas City for three weeks?..”. My answer to that is: I truly do not know. It’s hot here now, around 30〫C, and very humid. Funny thing the outdoor pools don’t open before the last week of May (I miss the ocean!). But I’ll have three days of sunpooling then, at least. Besides visiting museums, get a tan, have vodka tonics in the sun and stuff, I was planning on filling this time with a lot of running. The treadmill has become my new best friend here! Such a good friend actually, that my legs now say NO MORE. I have an inflammation from back in the Follo days (damn you, Riverdance!) that comes back when I work out too much, and now it is back. I’ll see the doctor tomorrow, hoping for something to speed up the recovery. We do have an indoor pool here on campus that I’m still free to use throughout May, so swimming will be my second best friend for a while.

I love how karma works sometimes. Today I finished up a package that I’m sending to myself, as it is cheaper than paying overweight on the plane. And guess what: I got a package today! A little smaller than my big one, and the big one is for myself really, but I still call it KARMA! Sweetest Kristin back in B-town has been listening to my eyebrow-problems for a while now. Thing is, they do not sell eyebrow dye here, at least none like the one we have in fashionable Europe. I have tried to get it online, at the hairdresser, at the beauty parlors. They do simply not have it here (USA is sooooo far behind, GEE!!). So Kristin couldn’t take it anymore, I guess, and sent me some. And the obligatory milk chocolate every exchange student receives when abroad. Mykje kjærleik tilbake. ♥

Big + little package ✌

Some swimming in the gym next, then a trip to Walmart (FUCKYEAH). Tomorrow? Sleep in! Have coffee in the sun! Watch the graduation ceremony, look forward to my own, then pop some bubbly to celebrate six weeks of freedom.

TTYS, my friends. Love you all!



4 thoughts on “School’s out in KC.

  1. Det er 9. juni… You better Riverdance for me,baby! 😉

  2. Fader, altså, at jeg skal gå glipp av å danse i bryllupet ditt!! Er det mulig!! Hvilken dato er det? Skal ta en liten Riverdance på badet mitt i din ære. <3
    Kommer nok til Oslo i August-ish, håper vi sees!! SvÆÆr klem!!

  3. Oh noes,ikke riverdance-bein igjen?!?! Det var kjipern! Håper du finner ut av det fort. Ellers må du vel på’an igjen med akupunktur,var det ikke det som funka sist?
    Synd du ikke kommer hjem før,da hadde du rukket å danse i bryllupet mitt! 😉
    Nyt den siste tiden frøken Fjong,håper vi ses da du er hjemme igjen!

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