Going to the doctor in KC.

Today I finally went to the doctor to have him have a look at my leg. My Posterior Tibial Tendinopathy (painful ankle) will now be treated with 500mg of Naproxen (antinflammatory pill) twice a day, alongside with some stretching exercises. No running allowed, no elliptical machine allowed (I was stupid enough to ask), but swimming is fine! So this is where I can be found in the days to come (check out the movable walls, makes it semi-outdoor afterall):

After the doctor I had to pick up my pills at the pharmacy. When I gave my prescription to the pharmacist she told me it would take 30 minutes to get the pills ready. I was baffled. 30  minutes for what? I was the only person in line!

After sitting there for fifteen minutes I couldn’t help but wonder: Are all the boxes of medication there really empty? Have they just been put there for decorational purposes? Are some well hidden pharmacy-workers busy cooking my medication in the back somewhere? In case you are one of my many American readers, let me fill you in how buying medicine at a pharmacy works in Norway (and Germany):

  1. You give the pharmacist your prescription.
  2. The pharmacist turns around, grabs the box of pills you need.
  3. The pharmacist gives you the box.
  4. You pay.
  5. You leave.

If, as in my case today, there are no other customers in front of you, this process takes approximately 1.3 minutes.

After twenty minutes of wondering about these questions, I received my pills. Did I catch one effective busy bee of a pharmacist or what! Cultural differences, no less fascinating after four months.

Now watching the graduation ceremony next! I will try to catch one of those flying hats, hoping that makes me the next one to graduate. ✌


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