New highscore in KC.

My dear readers,

it was with jittery hands I today checked the statistics. But we did it. Yesterday’s post had 45 readers! Breaking my own highscore by no less than 2 readers! Did that sweaty post-treadmill picture do the trick OR WHAT! Needless to say, I couldn’t have come this far without you, my beloved readers. Thank you. <3

Today I’ve decided to make my doctor proud and be a patient patient. No running, just swimming. As swimming does not lead up to a sweaty tshirt, I will not be able to repeat yesterday’s success-photo. But, I realize there is another picture category I haven’t touched too much on my blog yet: the bathroom mirror self-portrait. Every serious blogger should have at least one, I guess, so today is the day for that.


Checking the mailbox today lead to a happy surprise, too:

Three of my girls back home who did not study abroad this semester decided to go on a little trip to Greece, to make up for the lack of studying abroad. Next year we’ll hopefully repeat the trip, study abroaders included. I can’t wait to see you all again, gahd! I miss you all so much. <3

Have a wonderful day/ night, TTYS.


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