Mothers Day in KC.

Good evening/ morning, my dear readers,

no matter how many devoted followers you have as a blogistah (I have now reached a new new highscore- 53!), you can only have one Number One Fan. The one fan that reads every entry with the joy only a truly loving fan can feel. Mine happens to be:

My mom.

As today is mothers day, I think it is only fair to send my best wishes where I know for certain they will be read- on Kansas, Siri & the City, of course.

Here we are holding snow balls. ☃

No one can say it as tastefully and subtle as the Americans, so I decided to go with the flow:

Yes, a spiritual cardigan.

Or, in other words:

.. But then again, I’d rather just say it like this: Mögen Twisterns Felder heute so erstrahlen,

der Mohnstrietzel frisch und saftig, und der Sekt gut gekühlt sein! Alles, alles Liebe zum Muttertag! Hab Dich lieb! ♥ ❀ ☀

All you other mothers or daughters or just people out there: Have a wonderful sunday!!

Love from KC.



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