Soccer wife in KC.

As some of you know, I am a faithful follower of Norway’s First blog-Lady, The Soccer Wife (, or Caroline. For those of you who don’t know her (or understand Norwegian): she is a very skinny, blonde beauty, married to a Norwegian soccer player. I think her blog started out when she was planning their wedding, how to put together a perfect wedding and stuff like that. But it became so popular that she kept it. It’s just about her perfect life, basically. I think she has around 80.000 readers every day. The most readers I have had here on one day are 43. So I wondered: How can I improve my numbers? Then, when scrolling through her blog the other day, I suddenly realized what it is my blog misses! There are three basic components used pretty much daily by Caroline that I have never had on my blog. Gahd, how stupid of me:

  1. Show what clothes I buy.
  2. Have picture proof of my workouts.
  3. Post low carb recipes.

So I decided: Today is the day!

As much as I love clothes and shopping, I actually dislike buying summer clothes. I could buy thick woolen sweaters and scarfs everyday, but shorts and skirts- hate it. That is probably the reason why I don’t have too many clothes to chose from between May and September. But today I finally had enough of my ugly jeans shorts (nope, no picture here), I went for some new clothes. I actually like these, awesome.

Then I went to the library, got a new book, and went on to get some Italian coffee. There is one little Italian café in Brookside (five minutes bike ride from home), really good coffee there.

Then I went to the gym. Today I had to try the treadmill, I just couldn’t help myself. Ran 7km, that was so much fun! The eliptical machine is boring the hell out of me, so I really enjoyed running again.

My leg hurt a little afterwards, not too bad. But I can take a hint, I’ll have to wait longer with the running (Caroline was hurt a little while ago, too. I think it was her knee. But we are so much alike, it sometimes scares me).

After taking this picture it hit me: I think Caroline always takes her workout-pictures before working out. She is never sweaty or red in the face.. I’ll remember that for the next time.

Then it was time for dinner. Today I ate what I’ve practically been eating every second day here, namely low carb tortillas. Here we go:

Low carb tortillas. Sooo good, I have my doubts they really are low carb.

Then, Steak-umms. Thin meat that you fry in a pan, I like to add onions, too.

Then have cream cheese on the tortilla, and add cucumber (I was out of lettuce today), peperoncini, cheddar.

Add the meat + onions, and hot sauce (only if you like hot sauce, of course).

Roll it up, and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed today’s entry. Can’t wait to check my numbers tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day/ night (wherever in the world you are), TTYS. <3



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