Last day of 2011!

.. And what better way is there to start that day than with an all american breakfast at a diner! Delicious! With Morten Abel songs playing in the background, we almost forgot where we were. No, I’m kidding. We did not.

Then we took off to stroll in Little Italy and Chinatown. Here Jenny took my very first outfit-picture, because that’s what you do when you have a blog. So. this is what I looked like today:

We had a lovely lunch in Litle Italy. The menu told us to “Sit down, eat & shut up”. Well, we tried to talk to the waiter (about the food we wanted to order), but he seemed so angry we gave up, and just ate what we got. Maybe he was in the Mafia. You never know.

Jenny had a real NY-moment in Mulberry street with everything just being so beautiful. And I couldn’t agree more, it is LOVELY!

When in New York do as the New Yorkers, so we got a hip feeling drink in Chinatown! “Bubble milk tea something”. It tasted like SUGAR, tea and milk, with small blue jelly-balls floating around in it. I didn’t make it to the bottom of this one, though.

Since it’s new year’s and all, we wanted to get a massage to be relaxed for the night. Friends had recommended Chinatown for this purpose, cheaper than Downtown. So we gave it a try- and entered something looking like a spa something. A young chinese woman opened the door after ringing, with a surprised face (or was it confusion? Fear? I don’t know). We tried to explain what we came for (she didn’t understand too much english), and she assured that she could help us. Then we saw all the red lighting, though. The place looked like one big happy ending. We excused ourselves and left.

We found a nice place Midtown on our way home, so now legs and backs are ready for high heels again! Partey!

Now it’s time to relax with an icecold Bud light. Have a happy new year all of you!!

P.s. I have tried to change the settings here so that I wont have to approve your comments before they show, I trust you. But I’m not sure if it worked. So if you write a comment and it doesn’t show, don’t panic.


Hello America!

Home at last! 😉 The arrival yesterday seems already to be quite a while ago, not much sleep but a hell lot of walking has been done. The flight over was goody good- everything on time and nobody mentioned that my suitcase actually was overweight. So I had a good time, even though the little screen for my seat didn’t work. I missed out on 39 movies, but no need to cry when you can get slushed! I didn’t do that either, though.

The customs were hardly interested in talking to me at all. (They didn’t even want to see the TH4vm002 form, dad! Can you believe it?!) The whole shebang was  over in about 30 seconds, and “have a nice time in the US, miss!”. “Will do!”

The view from our temporary apartment is awesome. Thank you, Jakob!!

Today we had the most amazing weather, sun all over and clear, cool air. Perfect for a stroll on Brooklyn Bridge! This city is so magnificent, I am in love.



Goodbye Norway!

Last day in Oslo has arrived, New York next! Last night out in Oslo was fun, though Kristin lost her phone.. Poop! I hope our belated christmas gift exchange was a tiny bandaid on the wound. 😉 We were quite coordinated concerning our gifts, loves!Have a jolly good splendid time in London my dear! Remember to look to the right when crossing Oxford Street!

So, Oslo and Norway, see you in a while. But first: AMERICAAAAAAA!! Oh, and for those of you who have had the following dialogue with me:

X: Where in the US are you gonna live?

Siri: Kansas City!

X: Howdy howdy ho! Crazy Texas, hum?!

Siri: No, it’s in Missouri, actually.

X: Yeah, well, redneckcounty alltogether, right?!

This is for you ;):

How Europeans see America


1 day to go..

.. pluss today, that is. Then: NYC! The suitcases have been re-packed about twenty times, and I don’t understand where all the weight comes from.. Only the most necessary clothes make almost 30kg. But well. What to do.