American. Education. Fail.

Today I went to the post office, to send something to someone in Germany (can’t tell ya what, would ruin the surprise). Then I had the following conversation with the lady working in the post office (true story. I am not making this up):

Post Lady: “So- do you want this to go to Germany or to Europe? It says both.”

Me: ” …Well.. It is both?..”

Post Lady: “Oh?! Like Europe is in Germany?”

Me: “..?”

Post Lady:”..?”

Me: “Well.. Europe is… A continent. Germany is… A country… In Europe… (?)”

Post Lady: “Oh really?! See, I didn’t know that!! Thanks!”

Me: “Yeah… No problem.”

That was just amazing. I don’t really know what to say. Then I saw this:


Now off for some more class, then packing for tomorrow. Have I mentioned that I’m going to ☞ NYC ☜ tomorrow? Yeah. I am going to NYC tomorrow. ✌



Busy Bee in KC.

So remember I was all confident about my first exam here, braggin’ about my intelligence, knowledge and all of that? Yeah. Today we got the test back.. And I got an A. Way to start the semester. 😉

I’m pretty busy today, and tomorrow, before leaving for NYC on wednesday (YEAH!!). Just wanted to let you know about my superb test score, AND that you are more than welcome to please send me postcards! I don’t have too much pictures for the wall here, so postcards from all kinda places would be cool (picture below shows my collection so far)!

5050 Oak Street Apt 326, Kansas City, MO 64112  <3

So long, my friends- TTYS!



German effectivity in KC.

Today Anne and me went to the Nelson Atkins Museum, to watch some Chinese New Years Show. We got there at 4, just to realize that nothing much happened before 6. So instead of being all artsy and see the rest of the museum, we decided to wait in the cafeteria instead. This Chinese balloon-dragon we saw on our way to the cafeteria:

So there we sat, waiting it out. Chocolate cake and Key Lime Pie waited with us.

When no cake nor coffee was left, we started getting bored.. Anne had a brilliant idea: Let’s go to Target instead! Target is like Walmart, just a bit smaller. I didn’t have a hard time deciding on that. I was in. When leaving the parking lot they didn’t want our money- because the first 30 minutes are free. We hadn’t even been there for 30 minutes. Oh well.

Valentines Day is approaching, and you certainly can find the right chocolate for everybody.

I even found the perfect gift for myself! I didn’t get it, though. Still working on being strong (THE CAKE BEFORE WAS ANNE’S FAULT!!).

Tomorrow Anne, Annemarie and me will go to the Oark Park Mall, a huge (?) shopping mall outside KC. I don’t plan on spending too much, just look.. NYC is waiting for me on wednesday afterall. 😀


A little piece of heaven.

When I said I’ll be out for ice cream yesterday, I meant it. For I have discovered a little peace of heaven, right here in KC. It’s called Yogurtini (“Swirl it. Top it. Weigh it. Pay it.”). It is a frozen yogurt bar, where you can make your own frozen yogurt creations. You first choose which flavor(s) you want the yogurt to have. Here you can mix and match as much as you want. You can choose between a lot of flavors- like the subtle “Vanilla”, the bold “Red Velvet Cake Batter”, or the crazy American “Maple Bacon Doughnut”, just to name a few. There sure is something for everybody.

Then you go on and top it with as many toppings as you like.

Then you go and weigh it. Then you pay it.

Having a blog gives you a lot of responsibility. You wanna make sure that you are a good rolemodel, thereby taking good care of your readers. So I wouldn’t wanna tell you about my yesterday’s yogurtini creation, namely Red Velvet Batter topped with cheesecake sprinkles, Fruit Loops and Oreo cookies. I wouldn’t do that.

I’ll rather show you how to make a Low Carb Yogurtini– which honestly was maybe even better:

You take the sugarfree strawberry-banana yogurt, lots of fresh berries, flax seeds, nuts and just a hint of dark chocolate sprinkles (not lying: DELISH!). And the best part: you can stuff your face all you want, it’s still not gonna make you fat.

So, I guess I know where I’ll be spending my afternoons from now on. And mornings. Or both.


How to spend money in KC

So my Norwegian insurance will not be accepted by UMKC. Not because it’s not good enough- just because. They simply won’t tell me the reason, that is. The insurance I need to get in addition doesn’t even cover half of what the Norwegian already does- so it doesn’t even add anything extra to my preexisting insurance. It is completely useless to me. And: when you go to UMKC for the spring semester, you have to buy the insurance for the summer semester as well (the fact that I’m back in Norway when the summer semester starts- doesn’t matter)! You cannot buy it for the spring semester only, even if that’s the only semester you’re here. I have tried to talk to these people, over and over again, at least get an answer how they explain this system to be right. Because it does not make any other sense than UMKC wanting to make some extra bucks. But no answer received- only a bill. No less than $700 down the drain. Yup.

Another thing to spend money on over here is: getting a better grade! On friday we’ll have the opportunity to earn some extra credits by delivering canned food! It’s for a homeless shelter or so, some good cause. If you bring in any canned goods, you’ll earn some extra credits for this one class. So basically, you pay your way to a better grade. Giving food to people who need it- good thing, no question at all. But to give you a better grade in return?!.. How are those two things even related? I can only image how my class back home would react to this (go, kull 83!) …

USA, I love you, always have, and probably always will. But right now the $$$ in your eyes just makes me sick.

Will be out for ice cream now. Over and out.


Good times in KC.

Weekend has arrived!  I am not used to not going to work at all over here. I feel I just spend and spend money, and don’t earn in any new. Which is true, actually, and not just a feeling. I was so looking forward to not work for half a year, but now I miss it already. Will have to work on that attitude.

Yesterday we had a welcome pizza party for the international students. Here I finally met the other Germans that I’ve heard so much about. Since I’m half German, everyone assumed that I knew these girls, but now I finally do. After the pizza Anne, Annemarie and me went for some grocerie shopping. I did not want to speak any German here, only English. But it sure feels goood to be able to express yourself without hesitating or any thinking! Since these girls were really nice, I’m afraid there will be more German talk. 😉 SInce we all are German, we went to ALDI (yes they have that here. Same German food and all. I’m more into American food while here, but vegetables are cheaper at ALDI). So far I’ve noticed that there are two things that are really expensive here: vegetables and the most everyday household stuff. One green pepper (paprika) costs $4! On the other hand- according to Anne these vegetables never go bad either. You can keep them in the fridge for a month, they look just as good! Aint that great…  $4 is also what you pay for a scrubber (spülbürste/ oppvaskbørste). That might even be the same price as in Norway, but here it’s way out of proportion. I have no idea why it is like that, makes absolutely no sense. So yesterday I horded some basics at a wholesale, since I dont wanna get frustrated everytime I go to the grocerie store. Cheaper by the dozen.

I have found a new favorite reading spot! The Linda Hall Library on campus, a smaller library than the main library with the light-picture on the wall. It is such a beautiful atmosphere there. The interior looks like taken out of the 1920’s. So far it’s always been quite empty when I’ve been there. Hope that doesn’t change over the semester, and that this library is like a campus secret not too many know about.

Have found my favorite spot already: the green leather grandpa chair by the window.

Yesterday I went to a bar!! Or, several, actually. Jerry is a new friend here that I already was in touch with before I came here. He was so kind to answer to questions I had posted on UMKC’s facebook profile, and just like that I knew a KC person! So Jerry, his friend Kwame and me went out in Westport. Oh my gosh, I just loved it!!

Dancing, not crying

Going to some real bars, seeing some cool people, having drinks. I’ve missed that here so far! I really loved the semidark bar we went to, with pooltables and men with long hair. I even loved the fact that I ordered a vodka tonic, and got a gin tonic instead (which costs $4, by the way, just to put the scrubber and pepper in perspective). It was about time I got out, I guess.

Here in KC people like their pizza with honey on top. Like literally. I was quite hesitant to try this, and had to watch someone eat it first. But I promise you: it is absolutely delicious!! You should try! Especially with some chilli in addition. Try it!

Now I’ll hit the gym! That’s about time as well. Rest of the weekend will go to studying, I guess. First exam is on monday. Shouldn’t be too hard though (me and the 180’s, remember?).

About Freud and my hair.

If you are a heterosexual guy, you can skip this paragraph: So yesterday I went to the hairdresser. That is always a scary thing to do, to go to a new hairdresser. My hair does not grow as fast as I want it to, so every cm is holy to me. In order to be precautious I chose one that is a little expensive in KC terms (cheap if it was Norway, though!), expecting price and quality to be correlated. Didn’t help. This woman chopped off more (2cm more!) than I asked her to, and it happend too fast to stop it. She seemed more interested in telling me about her bipolar uncle (since I’m a psychology student), than paying attention to my hair. And I was sitting there (almost) biting my nails to begin with. When I asked her what she was doing (?!), she said it was uneven so she just had to cut off some more. I KNOW THAT THAT IS NOT TRUE!! I was so angry when I went home.. Just to realize: wow, the right side is actually 2 cm longer than the left one! Wtf!? NOW I was really pissed!! Went back today, to blow out my frustration, and get it evened out. That really hurt, taking off even more just to get it straight. The manager appologized a thousand times, and at least I got my money back. So now: back to waiting, letting it groooooooow (no photo here. Only makes me sad).

I have a LOT of reading to do.. I don’t really see how it’s possible to follow the schedule as it’s posted, I cannot read 200 pages every day.. I’ll have to distribute it my own way, somehow. Luckily, most of what’s discussed so far, I’ve already had. Three of the five classes I’m taking, I’ve actually had before. I do finally understand how highly intelligent kids feel in class now. Sitting there, knowing everything already, makes you bored. Me and the IQ 180’s.. But since we have weekly tests, quizzes and papers, you have to stay on track with the reading, and pay attention to what happens in class. Because you can’t fool these peeps, surprise tests are given when you at least expect it.

One of the classes I’m taking is personality psychology. This week we talked about personality tests and the psychodynamic approach. So when talking about the Rohrschach test (where you have to give your own interpretation of ink block pictures) I was waiting for the professor to start laughing. Because that’s what they do in Norway.

In Norway we learn that this test was used a long, long time ago, and doesn’t give ANY proper evaluation of ANYTHING. I carefully raised  my hand and asked whether this test still is used in the USA. Oh, yes! Very much so, every day!! I truly am psychodynamic at heart, and I love the fact that the professors here talk about Freud without a condescending smile. Show the man some respect! But when the professor hardly mentions that this test does have some limitations, I realize that I’m the one smiling… The attitude towards validity and reliability seems to be different over here, and there’s a lot more room for subjective interpretation. Maybe that’s a very good thing. I sure do love the fact that some good old psychodynamic theory still is alive over here! I just feel a big difference in how psychology is approached, and my preexisting opinions are challenged- which is exactly what I hoped to find going halfways across the world.

☝You go, Sigmund! ☝



Food frenzie in KC, part Ⅱ

So on my way to Andrew’s I actually bumped into him on campus, thereby ruining his cheesecake surprise.. Sorry ’bout that! But the cake sure was good, and at the end of the (b-)day, isn’t that what REALLY matters?…

So we had this delicious cake, and I met a new friend, Hector. He is from the Dominican Republic, but born in NEW YORK CITY!!! How cool is that! I am so jealous.

After the cake we went to Westport, which I realize is a much better place to hangout than Downtown. There they have all these bars, restaurants and small shops, and it looked really nice. They even have a Bubble Tea shop (JENNY!!)! Remember the funky hipster drink we had in NYC? Yup, they sell it right here in Westport, KC! Imma get me some, and bring the NYC-cool back to KC. Yo.

So in Westport I had the first alcohol after my arrival in the Midwest! People here either aren’t allowed to drink yet, don’t like it or just don’t do it, so I have to grab my chances.. I started off with a cherry chocolate birthdaybeer (knis), and then had some regular. It was GOOD (not the cherry chocolate part so much, just the BEER).

Since I hadn’t eaten enough yet, we went for some Chinese food. Alvin really knows the good places, and I have a feeling that his talking Chinese to the waiter before we order might even ensure some EXTRA good food- because we have only had superb Chinese food so far.

When I got home I somehow had to make room for some more cake, since I only have 54 minutes of birthday left, yet still 1/2 chocolate cake in the fridge. Tomorrow no chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so I guess I have to do some more heavy lifting out of the fridge today. A woman has to do what a woman has to do.


Martin Luther King, Kate Moss, and Me.

Three amazing people sharing one birthday. Beautiful. I know there are many more people who could have been mentioned here, but I chose to pick only the top three. Martin’s was really yesterday as I mentioned before, but who cares. Happy b-day, bro!

So- what to do in KC on a day like this? Spring has arrived, 18〫C + ☼ all over. I do have a really, really hard time being inside when there’s sun outside, so I could not make myself read today. I am aware that this might become a problem here, since it’s been sunny every single day since my arrival (… coincidence? Really?), and it’s only gonna get worse. But, let’s not take the sunshine-problem in advance.

So, after a birthday breakfast (chocolate cake + coffee) I went Downtown, to check out whether there might be some people in the streets by now. Guess what! Nope! Downtown is NOT the place to be in KC, I get it. Probably wont go back here anytime soon.

I wanted to get a nice picture of the library, which looks really awesome. There wasn’t any good light when I was there, though, so I’ll just have to show you a picture that’s not taken by me:

I’ll head over to Andrew’s house now, probably have some more cake. More about this historical day in Kansas City, Missouri later on.


Second Sunday in KC.

This has been a sleepy weekend. Besides going for a long walk yesterday (in the most beautiful weather, it is back!), I havent left bed much.. Zzzzz. “Private Practice” is the new while-we-wait-for-the-next-season-of-all-the-other-shows entertainment. Netflix IS two seasons behind on all the shows, which is really weird. Will have to find another site to watch, I miss my shows.

Today I slept in, and then my roommates met me with the most beautiful question: “Wanna go to Walmart?”  <3 I sure did! And it was good, yet again! But I didn’t get my coffee before we left, which I think was a good thing. I had to focus on waking up, too, so no frenzie-shopping this time either. Besides, being four people sharing a fridge and freezer limits how much food you can horde anyways.

The times when I only had soda for christmas and on birthdays is officially over. And they have Cherry Coke Zero here. It is SO good.. I hope they wont get this stuff in Norway anytime soon, it is way too addictive!

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, besides my birthday. His birthday was jan 15th (so close!), but the Americans simply celebrate this day the 3rd monday in january, to get a long weekend I assume. We’ll have no classes, and everything will be closed. I was hoping to be able to go to “Glore Psychiatric Museum”, which is built inside an old psych ward, showing all the horrible history of asylums and have-been treatments. But, it will be closed as well. I’m not really sure what there is to do around here tomorrow at all.. I might be studying, actually, since these are waiting for me to read them anyways. That’s what happens when you share your birthday with important people.