Sunny Side Up.

Sunny days in KC! This has been a great weekend, a shame that Mondays always come so fast. Here some pictures!

Farmers marked, fresh and affordable vegetables and fruits. This happens every saturday, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be there every week.

Second hand shopping on four floors. Loves!

This must be the coolest jacket ever. But can I pull it off?

Kansas City sometimes looks pretty good, too. There is a loft for rent with about the exact same view as in this picture. I think the picture doesn’t really show how beautiful this exact view is, you’ll have to take my word for it. If I was to move in KC, that would be THE loft for me.

Ice coffee in the sun, counting fountains (KC is called “The City of Fountains”. I just start to notice them now. Not in this pic, though, no need to search here).

Mondays are looong days. School untill 9 tonight. So I’ll have to leave you for now- talk to you soon, lotsa love from me.



Takin’ a break in KC.

After receiving hundreds and hundreds of concerned mails from you guys ( <3 ), just wanted to let you know that all is good and nothing wrong in KC.

I am currently experiencing what many poets before me have experienced, namely being uninspired to blog. Nothing more, nothing less. I will come back as strong and inspirational as you know me very soon.

Untill then: you are not forgotten, I still love you all.




Caughing in KC.

The cold I’ve been dragging around for a week is taking its time to decide either to brake out like a bomb or disappear. So we’re somewhere in the middle. I don’t have any classes today, and I’ve commanded myself to get some bed rest. While catching up on a lot of reading, test coming up on monday.

So if anyone feels sorry for this tired face: get-well-soon cards, packages and flowers will be accepted.

Love you all. <3



Sunday already?

This weekend has passed by way too fast! I coulda woulda shoulda read way more for tomorrows exam, but I decided to give my classmates a fair chance to be best in class for once. I went here instead:

Watched Jerry and Spencer jamming. Good times.

Went bowling. Team Arian.

Went drinking. Got pretty tipsy. That’s what you get for starting drinking at five. The bartender in this bar was a 40 something woman, wearing a microphone headset, karaokin’ her way through the shift. Sing while you tap!  Just awesome.

A little more repeating for tomorrow now, and I guess I’ll be asleep by nine. Zzzzzzz.

So am I really from China?

When studying psychology you hear about cultural differences over and over and over again. The two BIG opposites are here the Western, individualistic countries (USA!) and the Eastern, collectivistic countries (China!). In the Western countries personal growth and independence is valued the most, in the Eastern countries it’s the interdependent cooperation and not to be different. So my teacher asked me what Norway is like. I answered that it is Western individualisic, for sure. Not so different from USA, really. Today I talked to a new friend, Judah, who is in this class with me. He asked me what big differences I’ve noticed between Norway and USA, and if there’s something I find weird over here. Yes! People are oversharing! I have heard more about my classmates lives over here in one month than I know about my Norwegian classmates after two years. “I’m a virgin and I love it!”, “My father is an alcoholic, and my sister has been in a mental institution her whole life!”, “I have this weird condition where I cannot digest apples!”- that is how it goes on and on, in class and out of class. I am sorry, but I don’t wanna know. I don’t even know these peoples names! I sometimes feel like I’m in a Ricky Lake show instead of class. 

So I’ve tried coming up with an explanation for this talkshow-behavior. It’s not a psychology student thing, as Norwegians don’t do it. It is not that they have so especially exciting things to share either (“I have a food-texture-phobia. I don’t like textured food. So I can’t have raisins in my oatmeal. Like, I just can’t.”) So is it just that it’s so competative here, everybody wants to stand out, be heard and seen, be special? I believe so. So Judah asked me how Norway still is individualistic, then, when we’re not supposed to stand out, or brag about our achievements? How is it different from a collectivistic country? I didn’t really know what to answer. Is Norway mini-China, and I just couldn’t see it all that clear before I went over here? What is really up with Norway? And should I be embarrassed to not really know?

Norway isn’t even on here, might there be a reason for that? Is it too far out?


… And back.

Back in KC. My heart bled a bit leaving NY on the most beautiful, sunny sunday.

And I have just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what to write now.. 😉  I would love to rather show you lots and lots of photos, but truth is I didn’t really take too many.. Sorry ’bout that. I had a really good time, met many new and old friends, did not blow my budget too much, and I think I might have overcome my donut addiction now. At least for a while.

Here are a few pics:

Kristin, who I hadn’t seen in ages, with her beautiful baby Leo and hubby Jorges. So warm and loving people, it was inspiring meeting them for a good lunsj and talk about life.

I would kill for this leather chair, unfortunately owned by the UN. Most top leaders of the world have been sitting here, just as me. I want it because it’s so leathery white, though.

I held a speach for the international crowd.

And it rocked.

I met Alex again, who still is living the Dream, and who I know we will see earn her first Oscar by 2017. You go get it, girl!

I am getting better and better at taking photos of myself.


… Aaand today I booked a ticket to L.A. for spring break (last week of march). I’m not perfectly sure where I’ll stay and stuff, but I’ll figure out.. The ticket was so cheap that I simply had to get it. If anybody wants to hang out in L.A., let me know! 😀




Me in NYC.

Flying in over Manhattan at night truly is something special. No clouds, and all of Manhattan’s lights turned on. Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building and the Empire State, all so close (I swear I could almost see Jakob’s apartment). It sure was one of those moments, just magical. Taking a photo wouldn’t really work, though, so I took one of me instead.

Then Jakob and me had a good old Kitchen (-party) at his place (which basically is sitting in the kitchen, drinking and listening to guilty pleasures on Youtube, talking till it’s way too late). We hadn’t seen each other in one and a half year, it sure was about time.

Today I went to the MoMA, finally! Third time in NYC, no more excuses. I had a really good time there, though the one painting by Magritte that they have wasn’t there right now. He is my all time favourite, so that was a shame. But in lack of Magritte + Me I give you Monet + Me and van Gogh + Me.

The rest of the afternoon I spent drinking coffee and walking around Broadway, smiling like an idiot. I just love this city, and I can’t get enough! If I ever was to believe in former lives- this is where I spent mine, for sure.

Now I’m just chillaxin’ till Jakob gets home from work. Yesterdays lack of sleep doesn’t go unnoticed, so powernap it is.