Close to a heart attack in Kansas City.

First day of spring break today! One day till going to LA! So exciting! Started the day with an hour of running, last shape-up before going to the west coast where everybody is so fit and beautiful. Sunny, warm, with a light breeze. Perfect.

Had a lazy afternoon at the Plaza, reading Vogue and sipping a large, sugar free iced Caramella. Bliss.

Started packing. How many summer dresses and sandals does one need for a week? Lovely problem! Then online check in. I like to have everything done in good time, be prepared. They wouldn’t let me check in, though, some error kept popping up. It kept on saying Saturday, 24.03.. No. I’m leaving Sunday, 25.03.! Rechecked my Itinerary.

You know that cold chill down your spine, followed by a warm nausea in your stomach that hits you out of the dark? Yup. My flight to LA was today. Not tomorrow. TODAY!

Rewind. So while I was doing this –

– my flight to LA happened without me?! What the hell? What was I doing, checking my ticket five times the last 24 hours?? Fuck. Fuck! FUCKFUCKETTYFUCK!!

Crying and hyperventilation.

Ok. I need to call American Airlines (AA). I cannot not go to LA.

The following conversations have been slightly shortened for retelling purpose:

AA lady #1: Hello, how can I help you?

Me: HELP! I f***** up! I need to go to LA tomorrow, not today! I need a new ticket!!

AA lady #1: Let me see what I can do.

♫♪♬♩♫♬ (waiting-music)

AA lady #1: I’m sorry, but there is nothing to do. Your reservation has been cancelled.

Me: No, no, no. I understand that I lost my ticket today. I can even buy a new ticket to LA. But I still need my return ticket!

AA lady #1: No. You didn’t show up, so everything has been cancelled. EVERYTHING (Muahahahahaha!). Have a nice day.

Checking new tickets. They start at $500 (3000 NOK/ 380€). I cannot pay that much.

Crying and hyperventilation.

Ok. Call them again. This cannot be happening.

AA lady #2: Hello, how can I help you?

Me: HELP! I f***** up! I need to go to LA tomorrow, not today! I need a new ticket!!

AA lady #2: Let me see what I can do.

♫♪♬♩♫♬ (waiting-music)

AA lady #2: No problem, I have a new flight for you tomorrow morning. Your original flight today was cancelled anyway, and I got you on the same return flight as planned originally. You don’t have to pay anything. Would you like a window or aisle seat?

Me: I love you.

So I am still going to LA tomorrow. Yes I am. So I need to finish packing (four pairs of sandals too much? Five dresses enough?.. Oh, sweet packing problems!).

And yes, you are all allowed to mock me for this. Here are the new flight facts. Blue on white.

Here are some pictures from St. Patricks Day that I never got around to post. I had a blast that day, starting the party at 11 in the morning, sunshine and parade! Just awesome!

Everything is bigger over here, even the hats.

But I’m European.

Hipster-baby here was checking me out like a pro. Sad thing was, she was clearly not approving my outfit. I so wish I had her facial expression on video. She went from smiling to me, to sizin’ me up head to toe, to disapprovingly shaking her head while looking me straight in the eyes. Just priceless.

I thought I looked cute, though.

Now- back to packing. CAUSE I AM GOING TO LA TOMORROW. Fact.

✌ ♡ ☼







My feet in KC.

Looong time no see, sorry ’bout that! Besides the fact that I’m kind of adapting to actually living here now (for now), and that not everything seems blog-worthy anymore, I’m not spending too much time in front of my computer these days- resulting in little blogging. But, I promise to try to take better care of my readers from now on!

Kansas City is treating me well, I can say no other thing. School is going good, I just earned my first A+ (I have also earned a C and a B, but who cares about that). A+!! Classes are ok, though most of them are repetition for my part, as before mentioned. Oh, remember the gambling class I was so excited about, and how I said I could listen to the teacher for hours talking about how pathological gamblers behave? Well, he has been telling us the exact same stories every single week now. Most of them word for word. He has been teaching this class for 15 years, he says. I bet. Be careful what you wish for- I learned it the hard way.

But, I’m trying to make the best of my stay here (yeah, poor me). For example: how to make a regular Saturday a really awesome Saturday? Take sunshine, 23〫C, a balcony, two handfuls of vodka drinks, a grill, and great company. Voilà.

Or, how to make a regular Tuesday a really good Tuesday? Get some new shoes. In knitted leather. So freakin’ awesome.

How to make reading for tomorrows exam durable? Get a tan while doing so.

The good weather has come to stay (sorry, my Norwegian friends, for rubbing this in).


And: Spring Break is right around the corner (12 days from today). The plan: LA – San Diego – LA. Oh yes. One week of West Coast Awesomeness!!

On Saturday it’s St. Patricks Day- why that Irish day is such a big deal to everybody here I  really don’t know. But, what do I care! A day of parades, happy people and a hell lot of greenness. Good enough for me!

That’s it for now, my dear readers. Take care, talk to you soon, and I love you all. ☀ ❤